A trademark title in the wine world*

Champagne Sommelier™ is a concept and trademarked title created and owned by the founder of the company, based in New York City, The Champagne Sommelier™.

It is a unique concept inspired by the founder’s French background and experience as sommelier solely dedicated to Champagne; by the secular French culture of Champagne Fine dining; by its luxury image and hidden codes with its implication in modern lifestyle.

Champagne , with humility, inspires to achieve the Ultimate: a Refined Palate.
It is the most delicate and refined wine in the world, benchmark of all sparkling wines.
Therefore it requires:
A unique tasting technique that requires a deeper approach than a still white wine;
A very specific terminology, stewarding, bottle service and strong selling methods;
A deep sense of image and branding;
A discerning and refined palate for the finest and most complex wine in the world;
Creativity and an Eye for Detail, Esthetic and Elegance at any level, in any environment…

The Champagne region remains so unique that no other designated wine region in the world can claim to represent 100% luxury.

The Champagne Sommelier™ company is the first and only entity in the wine world that defines and officializes the title of Champagne Sommelier™; and magnify the craft of Champagne Sommellerie™ usually overshadowed by still wine stewarding and cocktail bartending.

The Journey Towards a Refined Palate™ begins here….” Oumy Diaw

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The Journey towards a Refined Palate™
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